Jessica Alba in high heels

When celebrities go shopping in person or online, they are extremely concerned with credit card safety and security.  Many celebrities have extremely high credit limits on their credit cards and if anyone were to gain access to their card data, it could be calamitous. There are perks to being a celebrity. Credit card companies offer concierge type services to engage celebrity clients.  American Express is one credit card company that offers this type of feature to wealthy celebrity clientele.

While Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card are well known, consumers aren’t necessarily aware of the names of gateway processors which actually handle the merchant transactions for those card purchases.  Chances are, as a consumer, you have used a credit card in an online transaction that utilized the PSBill gateway interface. However, your impression of the transaction doesn’t include everything that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a smooth purchase and billing experience, nor does it need to. In comparison, viewers are only peripherally aware of what goes on behind the scenes to produce tv show and films. It’s the finished product we enjoy.

jessica alba sexy heels Jessica Alba in high heels

Movie star Jessica Alba poses in very simple yet sexy high heels.

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Anna Kournikova poses in stiletto heels

Blonde tennis superstar Anna Kournikova poses for a photoshoot in a tiny bikini and sexy stiletto heels.

anna kournikova stiletto heels Anna Kournikova poses in stiletto heels

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Stacy Keibler poses in heels

Sexy blonde Stacy Keibler poses in her bra and panties and a hot pair of gold colored heels

stacy keibler high heels Stacy Keibler poses in heels

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Kylie Minogue in sexy heels

Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue poses for a picture in some sexy heels.

kylie minogue heels Kylie Minogue in sexy heels

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Tara Reid in heels

Blonde movie star Tara Reid poses for a picture in fancy high heels.

tara reid heels Tara Reid in heels

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Carmen Electra In Heels

The sexy beauty Carmen Electra in nothing but what appears to be panties and just heels.

carmen electra in heels Carmen Electra In Heels

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